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Andersen, Eric. 2012. “In Mezzo a Quattro Tempi.” In Word Events: Perspectives on Verbal Notation, edited by John Lely and James Saunders, 79–82. London: Continuum. Anderson, Michael L. 2003. “Embodied Cognition: A Field Guide.” Artificial Intelligence 149...

Chapter 00

Chapter 0: The Ground

...this dissertation, in order to highlight the transformation of my understanding of and creative approach to the field. Like a child’s papier-mâché volcano filled with vinegar and baking soda, Apples was built to erupt through the combination of two oppositional...

Chapter 03

Entextualization and Preparation in Patterson’s Variations for Double-Bass

...contribution to black performance art. 3 It was premiered at Mary Bauermeister’s Cologne salon in 1961, subsequently performed at the famous Wiesbaden Fluxus exhibition of 1962 4, and is now considered by most scholars and enthusiasts to be a Fluxus...

Chapter 05

Say No Score: a Lexical Improvisation after Bob Ostertag

...1988), Malcolm Goldstein (1988), Wadada Leo Smith (see Oteri 2014), and Cecil Taylor (1966; see also Bartlett 1995) have made colorful musical wordsmithery an important part of their work. 3 I myself have attempted to develop two new verbal constructs...

Chapter Ω

Chapter Ω

...The End? Tactile Paths is modular in nature; as I mention in Chapter 0, its constituent chapters, or paths, can be traversed in any order. It might therefore seem odd to offer a conclusion, since readers are encouraged to...

Chapter 02

A Treatise Remix Handbook

...its implementation with others, either verbally during rehearsal, on the fly during performance, or both. These three levels of interpretation may, and often do, contradict each other. 3 In addition, the various notational elements (save the empty staves at the...

Chapter 04

Invitation to Collaborate — Répondez s’il vous plaît!

...robust example of the cycle in order to offer the reader a more charitable view of the dynamics of Halprin’s model. In addition to illuminating the structure of the model, I hope my explanation supports Halprin’s claim that the book...

Chapter 01

Seeing the Full Sounding

...David explains through scene narrative, “impart[ing] technique through evoking the cultural context of this journey” (187) of cooking the chicken. Benshaw’s minimalistic and poetic recipe 4 uses metaphors “in order to give each action heavy symbolic weight” (193). In all...


...Darmstadt Summer Courses, the Arts Council of Catalunya, Goethe Institut, Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, the Festival Acanthes, and the American Documentary Film Festival. He also co-curates the Berlin concert series KONTRAKLANG, and works with sound experience designer Charles Morrow Productions.


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