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Andersen, Eric. 2012. “In Mezzo a Quattro Tempi.” In Word Events: Perspectives on Verbal Notation, edited by John Lely and James Saunders, 79–82. London: Continuum. Anderson, Michael L. 2003. “Embodied Cognition: A Field Guide.” Artificial Intelligence 149...

Chapter 05

Say No Score: a Lexical Improvisation after Bob Ostertag

...require time in the physical world. The relentless intensity of the material and the lack of physical preparation and release give the virtual instrumental parts a superhuman quality that renders them technically unperformable by humans playing physical instruments; this had...

Chapter 00

Chapter 0: The Ground

A Personal Beginning In 2007, violist Mary Oliver and contrabassist Rozemarie Heggen invited me to write a piece for their duo incorporating improvisation. Despite my diverse experience writing chamber music, free improvising, interpreting, and working in a host...

Chapter Ω

Chapter Ω

The End? Tactile Paths is modular in nature; as I mention in Chapter 0, its constituent chapters, or paths, can be traversed in any order. It might therefore seem odd to offer a conclusion, since readers are encouraged...

Chapter 03

Entextualization and Preparation in Patterson’s Variations for Double-Bass

Introduction Most composers of notation for improvisers are improvisers themselves. This is no coincidence. As composer-pianist and improvisation scholar Vijay Iyer has noted, The most savvy composers writing for improvisors are those with personal experience as improvisors –...

Chapter 01

Seeing the Full Sounding

For the improviser, the physicality of producing sound (the hardware) is not a separate activity from the thoughts, emotions and ideas in music (the software). In the act of creation, there is a constant loop between the hierarchy...


...Darmstadt Summer Courses, the Arts Council of Catalunya, Goethe Institut, Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin, the Festival Acanthes, and the American Documentary Film Festival. He also co-curates the Berlin concert series KONTRAKLANG, and works with sound experience designer Charles Morrow Productions.

Chapter 04

Invitation to Collaborate — Répondez s’il vous plaît!

Notation is an invitation to collaborate. 1 In the planning of communities a score visible to all the people allows each one of us to respond, to find our own input, to influence before decisions are made. Scoring...


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