Christopher Williams Acknowledgements         


THANK YOU Supervising Team

for their patience, chemistry, and (apparent!) personal investment in the subject matter. Thanks in particular to my committee chair Frans de Ruiter for pointing to the big picture and generously supporting conference trips, dissertation-related projects, and the website design; to my academic adviser Marcel Cobussen for The Field of Musical Improvisation and knowing when to use honey and when vinegar; and to my artistic adviser Richard Barrett for his never-ending supply of “what if?” questions and encouraging me to begin this doctoral odyssey in the first place.

THANK YOU collaborators

including Zach Kerschberg, director of Seeing the Full Sounding; musicians Christian Kesten, Andrea Neumann, Robyn Shulkowsky, and producer Marcus Gammel for their contributions to A Treatise Remix; and Mary Oliver and Rozemarie Heggen for inviting me to write the piece that spawned this research.

THANK YOU readers

including Jay Arms, Bill Dietz, Tobias Giezendanner, Robin Hayward, Annea Lockwood, Mathias Maschat, and Charlie Morrow for your comments on drafts and good-spirited intellectual sparring.

THANK YOU subjects

including Richard Barrett, Malcolm Goldstein, Ben Patterson, and Bob Ostertag for personally providing scores, recordings, thoughts, and inspiration. Hopefully I haven’t twisted your music (too) far beyond recognition.

THANK YOU Leaky Studio

AKA Patricia Reed for your exceptionally beautiful and thoughtful website design. Meaning is use in more ways than one!

THANK YOU sponsors direct and indirect

including the Agosto Foundation, for the residency where Seeing the Full Sounding was made; Deutschlandradio Kultur for commissioning A Treatise Remix; Nau Côclea for a sunny and energizing residency in 2015; Justin Bennett and Tanja Smit for hosting me in Den Haag during many supervisory sessions;  and the Goethe Institut (New Delhi) for sponsoring a transformative trip to present an early phase of this research at the 2012 conference of the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth.


for being a place where this research finds traction. Please stay that way and don’t succumb to the current wave of greed.

THANK YOU Jadi Carboni

my lover, partner, and yoga teacher for your relentless love and patience, especially during the home stretch of writing this dissertation; for teasing out what I really meant to say on many cloudy occasions; and for bringing me back to my body when my brain had left it behind.