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Graphic Notation

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Chapter 0: The Ground

A Personal Beginning

In 2007, violist Mary Oliver and contrabassist Rozemarie Heggen invited me to write a piece for their duo incorporating improvisation. Despite my diverse experience writing chamber music, free improvising, interpreting, and working in a host of interdisciplinary formats, the request seemed odd.“Why … Read Chapter

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Seeing the Full Sounding

For the improviser, the physicality of producing sound (the hardware) is not a separate activity from the thoughts, emotions and ideas in music (the software). In the act of creation, there is a constant loop between the hierarchy of factors involved in the process. My … Read Chapter

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A Treatise Remix Handbook

What is the relevant way of speaking about Treatise? What are the terms? Can one really say anything explicit about it? (Cardew 1971, 102)1


In “The Ground”, I asked myself two questions in response to an invitation to compose for an improvising … Read Chapter

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Invitation to Collaborate — Répondez s’il vous plaît!

Notation is an invitation to collaborate.1

In the planning of communities a score visible to all the people allows each one of us to respond, to find our own input, to influence before decisions are made. Scoring makes the process visible.2

Collectivity … Read Chapter